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Starting Your Journey with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

So you want to roll out a lot of iOS devices, but how do you get started? Do you hire a company that specializes in kitting and staging to build phones and tablets according to a standard company image? Or, why not leverage the EMM system you have already invested in? Here are a few helpful tips that might help put you on the path to success.

Apple’s Device Enrollment Program is already a couple of years old but lately it’s really beginning to take wings. Carriers and resellers across 28 countries are now able to sell DEP eligible devices, and the list of authorized providers is constantly expanding. That’s because the program not only allows admins to easily enroll iOS 7 or later devices into EMM simply by powering them on, they can also supervise them wirelessly. Supervision is Apple’s way of saying, “this device is belongs to my company”, and the process opens a whole new world of configuration options to your company.
So, what does DEP actually do? Find out on: mobileiron.com